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Lindsay Lightningbolts Swim Club

Welcome to our swim club! 

The Lindsay Lightingbolts Swim Club began training in the fall of 1978, with 15 swimmers. The team was the successor to the summer swim teams that operated out of the old Rotary outdoor pool situated in the park between Central Senior School and LCVI.

The Optimist and Rotary clubs co-sponsored the start up of the team and the team sweatsuits of the day carried both insignia. When you consider the hundreds of children that have gone through the swim club programs, it is a fine testament to the service clubs who provided the seed money.

The club recognizes that sport can create a positive environment for children to develop mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. It is a pleasure for coaches to hear the credit former athletes give to swimming as they have pursued their careers. Life skills learned through the sport have shown up in the successful careers of our swimmers alumnae.

The Lightningbolts have a history of success. We have played an integral part in the development of swimmers who have succeeded at the regional, provincial, national and international levels, and have played a significant role in the development of two Olympic Athletes – Nancy Sweetnam (Atlanta 1992 and Barcelona 1996) and Matt Rose (Athens 2004). Also, Marian Sweetnam was Ontario Female Coach of the Year for all sports in both 1989 and 1995 and Canadian Swim Coach of the Year in 1990.

We hope that, as a swimmer, you will enjoy being a part of our team, and as a parent, have fun participating in your child’s swimming success, and that we all leave our mark on the legacy of the Lindsay Lightningbolts Swim Club.

What our swimmers have to say: