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Lindsay Lightningbolts Swim Club

Safe swimming 

Welcome back to the Pool!

We have created the following Training Guide to help our LLSC staff and athletes navigate new return to swimming procedures. We recognize this is different from our “normal” process and we Thank you for ensuring that you closely follow these steps so that we can start to re open in water training. 

These guidelines will be updated as needed and as new information becomes available, and will be communicated to all LLSC staff, athletes and parents/guardians.

LLSC Session Training procedures:

All staff and athletes have received education regarding the best practices related to the prevention of COVID 19 transmission including but not limited to: Covid screening, signs and symptoms, hand hygiene, physical distancing and physical contact recommendations to prevent virus transmission. Please not Snorkels are not permitted at practice until further notice. Please do not bring snorkels to the Lindsay Rec Center.

Registration will take place on a Month by month basis and will occur on the 15th of each month. 

Swimmers will not be permitted to participate in additional practices outside of those they have signed up for.

Red Fish Blue fish program will not be offered at this time and will be revisited in future. 

All LLSC staff and Athletes MUST:

Have completed the acknowledgement and assumption of risk form, all attestations, Rowan’s Law code of conduct and parents’ handbook guidelines. This must be provided to LLSC before your training session. If these forms are not received, you will not be able to participate in training.

If the coach falls ill or is unable to attend practice, the practices will be suspended until their return. No other coach is permitted to take the group as co-horting applies here. If the coach is unable to return, a new coach will be assigned to the group .

Athletes will line up 2 meters apart, outside of the Lindsay Rec center at a designated spot until they are ushered in. They will then proceed to the area to remove their outdoor shoes and place them in their training bag (you may wish to pack a plastic bag for shoes to be placed in) and put on their deck shoes. They will then proceed to the pool area placing their training bag, clothing and mask in their designated square and mask and wait until you are directed to your assigned lanes. 

All volunteers involved in screening or attendance taking will be registered as “Safety Marshalls” using the official registration. 

Upon entering Lindsay Rec Center:

Be wearing a mask or face coving at all time except when participating in in-water training sessions. Please bring a plastic lunch bag labeled with your name to place your mask in while training. 

Perform routine hand hygiene with hand sanitizer for a minimum of 20 seconds upon entering the Lindsay Rec Center

Follow the principles of “Arrive-Train-Depart” until otherwise communicated by the LLSC. 

Please note that there will be no access to changerooms please come ready to swim and you will leave the facility with your swimsuit under your clothing as per City of Kawartha Lakes facility Guidelines.

LLSC staff will complete attendance logs and Covid screening questionnaire and temperature check before each training session.

Adhere to strict physical distancing measures. Athletes and coaches shall remain a minimum of 2 M apart when entering and exiting recreation facilities, while on deck and in the water. Failure to do this will mean removal from the practice and re education of this return to swimming plan before resuming training. 

Athlete activation must take place prior to the scheduled training session. Athletes are to arrive no more than 5 min prior to the start of their training session to limit congregating and ensure physical distancing. Any late arrivals to practice will need to be arranged with LLSC staff to ensure that proper attendance, COVID logs and full supervision of other athletes are maintained. 

NO LLSC athletes or staff will attend training sessions if they feel unwell or exhibit even mild symptoms of cold/flu.

Athletes, coaches and staff must answer “NO” to all of the following questions prior to attending any training sessions:

Do you have any of the following symptoms: new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, difficulty breathing, fever, chills, repeated shaking with chills, abnormal muscle pain, headache, sore throat, painful swallowing, runny nose (not related to allergies), new loss of taste or small, gastrointestinal illness?

Have you been in contact with or cared for someone with COVID 19?

Have you or any one in your home returned from a trip outside of the country within the last two weeks?

Anyone responding yes to any of these above questions will not participate in the training session, return home immediately, and follow up with their primary care provider to consider the appropriateness of further investigation. The athlete or staff member may not return until receiving clearance from their physician, and if a test for COVID 19 was completed, a negative test result.

If an outbreak of COVID 19 is identified at the school you attend you must advise LLSC staff prior to attending training sessions. 

Training Protocol for Positive Test

If any athlete or staff tests positive for COVID 19, the following steps must be taken:

The athlete is removed from the training group immediately.

Team training will be suspended, and all team members will self isolate for 14 days.

The Local Health Unit will be notified and will provide further management recommendations which may include further test and arrange contact tracing.

Swim Ontario will be contacted with the name and SCN# of the swimmer who tested positive.

Any further team members who develop symptoms will be referred to the appropriate public health authority or helpline for guidance on testing and appropriate management. 

Team training could resume if:

All Team members undergo self isolation for 14 days and no other member has developed symptoms.

All team members are cleared to return to group training by their physician and in accordance with Provincial guidelines.

Athletes will not use Lindsay Rec Center change rooms during the phased re-opening and are to arrive in their training suit with the minimum training equipment. A list of training equipment will be provided by LLSC Staff with athlete registration once we move past our first month. Lindsay Rec Center washrooms are available for urgent use.

LLSC coaching staff will communicate in advance planned workouts. On deck White boards are not to be used at this time and athletes may print and bring their workout to training session if required. 

During training sessions:

Do not pause on lane ropes to chat with your lane neighbour.

Do not share any equipment.

Do not share water bottles

Maintain 2 m of physical distancing when receiving instructions from the coach, waiting to use the starting block or entering or exiting the pool.

No snorkels are to be used until further notice, please do not bring snorkels to training.

Upon completion of the training session, athletes will exit the water in a staggered method to ensure physical distancing.

Each athlete will quickly towel dry, retrieve all training equipment, don their face masks and exit the facility. NO CHANGE ROOMS will be available to change out of wetsuits. A total of 15 min will be allotted for the full team to exit the pool deck so it is imperative that you dress quickly and efficiently.

Each LLSC athlete and staff will perform hand hygiene upon exiting the Lindsay Rec Center return home to shower and change.

LLSC athletes are to disinfect their training equipment once returning home and before returning to their next training session. We will start the first month with no training equipment as per Head coach recommendation.

Parents will not be permitted inside the Lindsay Rec Center. Parents will drop their athlete off at the designated area in front of the Lindsay Rec center away from main doors only 5 min before practice. Parents must be available to pick up their athlete at any point during the outlined screening, training and departure times. 

Swimmers will train at a maximum of 4 swimmers per double lane as per the Swim Ontario guideline. After the first month a letter from the City of Kawartha Lakes as well as an amendment to our plan will be submitted to Swim Ontario for approval to move to 6 swimmers per double lane as per City of Kawartha lakes current guideline. 

Lane assignments are at the Coach’s discretion and will not change within each month. 

All athletes, parents and LLSC staff will sign a copy of this return to swimming plan before attending any training session as an acknowledgement that they have read, understood and agree to abide by the policy and procedures outlined. 

Training Schedule As Follows

Day                               Group                                  Time                                       Coaches                      # Swimmers

Monday                        Group A                               4:00 pm - 6:00 pm                 Paula/Alison                12

Tuesday                        Group B                               4:30 pm - 6:00 pm                 Paula/Adam                 12

Wednesday                  Group A                               4:00 pm - 6:00 pm                 Paula/Alison                 12

Thursday                      Group B                               4:30 pm- 6:00 pm                  Paula/Adam                 12

Friday                           Group A                               4:00 pm - 6:00 pm                 Paula/Allison                12

Group A consists of our previous Gold and Silver swimmers

Group B Consists of our previous Bronze swimmers

All swimmers will be notified of their lane number and letter at the beginning of the month. Lane assignments will not change and letter indicates assigned stopping point in the pool.


Red Fish Blue Fish will not be offered at this time and will be revisited in 2021.

No new swimmers will be permitted mid period and must wait to join at the start of the next training period to maintain integrity of swim cohorts. 

Lindsay Lightning Bolts


All training stopped on March 18,2020


Paula Fisher - Head Coach

Jodie Collins - President

Robert Wintels - Registrar

Second review by our board

Santai Kimakeke - Treasurer

Beth Robinson - Secretary

Whitney Golden - Healthcare background & board member

Adam Golden - Coach

Risk assessment

Will the training be held in a region that has documented active local transmission of COVID-19 (community spread) in the last 14 days?   YES

Will the training be held in venues/facilities with access by multiple groups?   Pool will be accessed by us only during training time, but full facility accessed by other groups. (ie: Hockey and Gym facilities) 

Will the group include team members relocating from areas outside the training location that have documented active local transmission of COVID-19 (community spread)?‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬   We are a small club and do have team members from outside the immediate city. However all areas are under the same health unit area Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge. 

Will the group include participants (athletes or coaches) at higher risk of severe COVID-19 disease (e.g., people over 65 years of age or people with underlying health conditions)?‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬   No

Attendance Records: Will be maintained in paper format by LLSC volunteers and scanned to digital for after each session for ease of record keeping for the period of at least 10 years.